universities in turkey in english

Universities in Turkey for International Students in English

Turkey is emerging as a promising location for international students seeking quality education in English. In this article, we will focus on the top universities in Turkey that offer English-medium programs. Let’s explore these universities, with the unique opportunities they present for international students.

bogazici university

Bogazici University (Bosphorus University) located in Istanbul (Public):

Bogazici University offers outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs. The university maintains high educational and research standards, attracting top-tier students internationally. Boğaziçi’s faculty has doctoral degrees from esteemed North American and European institutions, contributing to its global academic reputation.

Accredited by ABET and endorsed by the EUA, the university conducts programs in English, while also providing opportunities to learn various languages. Boğaziçi takes pride in its vibrant campus life, fostering a liberal and democratic community through student clubs, arts, sports, and comprehensive services for well-rounded academic experiences.

      • Situated in Istanbul, Bogazici University is well-known for its academic excellence.

      • Diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered in English.

      • The university emphasizes research, innovation, and a dynamic learning environment.
      • Boasts a vibrant campus life and a strong sense of community among international students.

    Bogazici University (Bosphorus University) is one of the top public universities in Istanbul, Türkiye. Boğaziçi University has tough admission requirements, making it challenging to get in. The mandatory YOS exam adds an extra layer of difficulty, especially for public universities in Turkey.

    The high standards and competitive nature of the admission process reflect the university’s commitment to academic excellence. Prospective students should be well-prepared for the challenges posed by these admission criteria.

    sabanci university

    Sabancı University (Sabanci University) located in Istanbul (Private):

    Sabancı University offers a distinctive international learning environment. The university boasts a large list of graduate schools where its alumni pursue further education. There are prestigious names in this list like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and more.

    Moreover, the post-graduation opportunities extend globally. Sabanci’s alumni found positions in renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, Siemens, Deloitte, and Pfizer. While the preference for U.S. universities is evident, there is a rising trend towards European institutions, exemplified by Sabancı alumni attending Cambridge, the London School of Economics in the UK, and the Max Planck Institute in Germany. This demonstrates Sabancı University’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education. It prepares students for success both academically and professionally on a global scale.

        • Recognized for its interdisciplinary approach and modern education methods.

        • All undergraduate programs are taught in English, attracting a global student body.

        • Collaborates with industry leaders to provide practical experiences.
        • Modern campus facilities contribute to a supportive academic environment.

      Sabancı University is dedicated to supporting students throughout their academic journey and maximizing their career development potential. The university offers comprehensive Career Counseling Services, assisting students in discovering their professional interests, setting career goals, and providing guidance in job-searching strategies and interview preparation.

      Sabancı University informs students about the latest local and international job, internship, and training opportunities. Additionally, Sabancı University facilitates interactions with employers through campus visits, seminars, panel discussions, and networking events with alumni and business executives.

      ozyegin university

      Özyeğin Üniversitesi (Ozyegin University) located in Istanbul (Private):

      Ozyegin University stands as a distinguished private institution in Turkey, founded in 2008 by the visionary Husnu Ozyegin, a prominent billionaire and banker committed to nurturing entrepreneurial minds. Focused primarily on business and entrepreneurship, the university has achieved remarkable growth, securing its place at the top of rankings within just 15 years.

      Ozyegin University is recognized as the “World’s Top Turkish University for Social Impact” and achieved top rankings in Turkey’s University Satisfaction Survey and Graduate Employment Rate, highlighting Özyeğin’s excellence.

      Ozyegin University’s commitment to internationalization is evident in its diverse student body. It represents over 73 countries and it encourages all students, Turkish and international alike, to engage in various study-abroad exchange opportunities.

          • Specializes in business, engineering, and technology programs.

          • All undergraduate programs are exclusively conducted in English, except the Law in Turkish.

          • Emphasizes hands-on learning and practical experiences
          • Closely connected to industry and business with its famous professors

        Ozyegin University prioritizes students’ holistic development, offering practical skills and international exposure through programs like Erasmus. The university’s commitment extends to providing scholarships and fostering partnerships with industry leaders, facilitating influential connections for students and earning the top spot in the “Universities with the fastest level of graduate employment” ranking. Ozyegin University is not just an educational institution; it’s a thriving hub for cultivating future leaders and entrepreneurs.

        The university prides itself on its multidisciplinary education, strong connections with family businesses and corporate houses, and robust support for student placement and entrepreneurship. With 100% English programs, accreditations from MÜDEK and AACSB, and a modern, technological, and green campus, Özyeğin University provides a unique and inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds.

        turkish universities in english

        Benefits of English-Medium Programs in Turkish Universities:


        Global Recognition: Degrees obtained from Turkish universities are globally recognized, offering international students valuable credentials acknowledged worldwide.

        Cultural Exposure: Pursuing English-medium programs in Turkish universities allows students to immerse themselves in a rich cultural experience, advancing their academic goals.

        Affordability: Turkey provides a cost-effective education compared to many Western countries. English-medium programs make it accessible to a broader range of international students. The most affordable options begin from only 3.000$/year.

        Networking Opportunities: Turkish universities, with their diverse student populations and collaborative programs, provide excellent networking opportunities for students to connect with peers and industry professionals.


        Reviews of Turkish Universities in English from International Students

        “I spent four remarkable years in Turkey, embracing extraordinary moments and building unforgettable memories with friends who became my second family. Gratitude goes to my instructors for their constant encouragement and support throughout my education, fostering motivation that significantly contributed to our studies and projects. Special thanks to the international office members for their invaluable assistance. The broader administration of the university, providing various resources and a conducive atmosphere for success, deserves acknowledgment. I’ll miss everything about my time in Turkey, and Istanbul will always hold a special place in my heart”.

        Ozyegin University graduate, 2019 class

        “The educational experience in Turkey exceeded my expectations, and that’s why I chose this path. The professors, alumni of top universities worldwide, bring a global perspective to every lesson. The diverse international student community adds richness to the university’s environment. The entrepreneurial spirit among students is palpable, creating a dynamic learning atmosphere. My time at the university equipped me with knowledge for my future career and lifelong connections with friends”.

        Sabanci University graduate, class of 2021

        international student reviews

        “Being an international student at a Turkish university was a fantastic experience. I immersed myself in Turkish culture, formed friendships with students from all corners of the globe, and enjoyed a welcoming atmosphere with excellent on-campus facilities. Professors were not only knowledgeable but also contributed to my professional growth. While graduating is bittersweet, I look forward to making my university proud through successful achievements in my professional journey”.

        Antalya Bilim University graduate, 2023 class

        “Four incredible years with a Turkish university shaped my academic journey and provided unwavering support. It became a second family and a crucial backbone during my academic endeavors. The university served as a springboard for pursuing a second degree in a reputable institution and honed professional skills I never knew existed. Gratitude extends to the trust bestowed upon me by the international office, allowing me to market the university. I cherish every relationship built, from fellow students to erudite professors, resilient staff members, and the vibrant city of Istanbul. Thank you, Turkish university, for an unforgettable chapter in my academic life”.

        Isik University graduate, class of 2018

        international student reviews

        By choosing English-medium programs in Turkish universities, international students can access a world-class education with a global perspective. From the dynamic city life of Istanbul to the modern programs in Izmir, these institutions offer a unique combination of academic excellence and cultural exposure. Embark on an enriching educational journey in Turkey without language barriers and unlock your full potential.

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