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In Turkey, an equivalency letter is an official document that confirms your foreign highschool diploma aligns with the standards set by Turkish education authorities. It’s like a formal approval, indicating that your academic achievements from another country are recognized and considered equivalent within the Turkish education system. The equivalency letter is an essential and mandatory step in admission to Turkish universities.

In Turkey, a residence permit is a vital requirement for international students. It’s a mandatory document issued by Turkish immigration authorities, allowing students to legally reside in the country while pursuing their studies. Obtaining a student residence permit is a necessary step to ensure compliance with Turkish regulations, enabling a secure and legal stay for international students throughout their academic journey in Turkey.

Our team assists students in identifying and applying for various scholarship opportunities available in Turkish universities. We provide guidance on creating compeling scholarship applications and motivation letters, ensuring that each student’s unique strengths and achievements are effectively communicated to universities. By staying informed about the latest scholarship programs and eligibility criteria, we aim to optimize financial support for our students, making higher education in Turkey more accessible and affordable.


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Monica Coleman
Monica Coleman
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“StudyU brought peace to our family as our daughter ventured into medicine. From the start, they provided not just guidance but relief to our concerns and worries. Witnessing our daughter thrive in her medical studies in Turkey, we're profoundly grateful.”
Damir Natkho
Damir Natkho
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“Shout out to Sanan and Michael – they cut through the noise and helped me choose between three universities. No fluff, just solid advice. Now I'm where I'm supposed to be. If you need no-nonsense help, they got your back.”
Kayleigh Öğüt
Kayleigh Öğüt
Digital Creator & Partner
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"Studying abroad in Turkey 10 years ago changed my life in amazing ways. StudyU has a straightforward, student-focused process, making them the perfect choice for helping you on your study abroad journey."