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Best Universities In Turkey For International Students

Turkish universities offer a diverse range of courses, with many taught in English while also providing opportunities to study in Turkish. The country hosts various types of institutions, from research-focused to specialized universities.

Turkey is an attractive choice for students. It welcomes over 250,000 international students annually across 207 universities, ranking among the top 10 countries worldwide for international student enrollment due to initiatives like Erasmus+ and global university partnerships.

Turkish universities provide excellent education that’s up to global standards and affordable. There are public and private universities in Turkey, each with its pros and cons, offering many great choices. Universities in Turkey fall into two main categories: state and foundation (private). The top universities for foreigners in Turkey can be found in both types, giving options based on what suits you best. In this article, we will help you find out what would suit you the most.

Government universities

Government universities in Turkey provide good education but are best for those planning to stay in Turkey. Since most programs are taught in Turkish, it’s challenging for students aiming to move and work abroad.

Some of the best government universities in Turkey include:

  • Anadolu Üniversitesi (Eskisehir)
  • Bogaziçi Üniversitesi (Istanbul)
  • Istanbul Üniversitesi (Istanbul)
  • Orta Dogu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara)
  • Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (Istanbul)


Choosing these universities is great if you want a career in Turkey. If you plan to set up your career abroad or continue doing a Master’s somewhere in Europe or the US, consider private universities.

Private Universities

The great aspect of private universities in Turkey is their global recognition. Most of the private universities are accredited on an international scale. This allows students to continue pursuing a Master’s degree abroad in the US and Europe easily. While choosing a private university, pay attention to the following accreditations: AACSB, AABInternational, Eaquals, ACHPA, MÜDEK and others.

turkish universities

Having close ties between universities and industries allows students to find jobs without problems. Universities bring together the leading names of the business world with students in many different events such as sectoral talks, panels, case studies, interview simulations, cultural events, interviews and workshop studies.

Your primary focus while choosing a private university must be on the commitment to employing international professors. This is what makes one university unique from another and gives a wide perspective of the opportunities to study and work abroad after graduation.

Top 6 private universities with the qualities mentioned above:

  • Özyeğin University (Istanbul)
  • Medipol University (Istanbul)
  • BAU University – Bahçeşehir (Istanbul)
  • Atlas University (Istanbul)
  • Bilkent University (Ankara)
  • Işık University (Istanbul)


These universities offer diverse programs with modern facilities and have international collaborations, providing students with opportunities for global exposure and enhancing their prospects for an international career.

Getting Admitted

Admission to government universities is often challenging. This is because of strict entrance exams. Private universities have easier admission processes and offer better quality education because the funds they receive stay within the university. These institutions are not profit-oriented but operate for charitable purposes. Most private universities are established by rich families and expand due to the fees paid by students for their education.

More tips from us

If you dream of studying at one of the top Turkish universities, we recommend allowing at least three months for preparation. This timeframe is generally adequate to achieve a competitive score on the TOEFL exam, which is required by most Turkish universities for admission. Note that IELTS is not accepted in most of the Turkish universities.

It’s important to note that many universities in Turkey also offer a domestic English knowledge entrance exam, (like TRACE at Özyeğin University), which requires less effort and expense. Therefore, focusing on the internal English entrance exam will save your nerves and money.

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