10 reasons to study in turkey

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Turkey

1. Affordable Education

Turkey offers affordable education options for international students.

The cost of living and tuition fees are relatively low compared to other countries, making it an attractive destination for those seeking quality education at a reasonable price.

1.1 Scholarships

Turkey provides numerous scholarships for international students, including the Türkiye Scholarships program.

This initiative offers full scholarships to students from all around the world, covering their tuition fees, accommodation, and even monthly stipends.

1.2 Low Tuition Fees

The tuition fees in Turkish universities are generally lower compared to many European and American institutions.

This makes studying in Turkey a cost-effective option for students who want to pursue higher education without breaking the bank.

1.3 Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Turkey is relatively low, especially when compared to other popular study destinations.

Students can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while managing their expenses effectively.

1.4 Part-Time Job Opportunities

International students in Turkey are allowed to work part-time while studying.

This provides an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn some extra income to support their studies and living expenses.

1.5 Financial Aid Options

There are various financial aid options available for international students in Turkey.

Universities and government institutions offer grants and loans to help students finance their education.


      • Scholarships

      • Low Tuition Fees

      • Affordable Cost of Living

      • Part-Time Job Opportunities

    • Financial Aid Options

    top 10 reasons to study in turkey

    2. Quality Education

    Turkey is known for its high-quality education system, with a wide range of programs and institutions that offer excellent academic opportunities.

    2.1 Accredited Universities

    Turkish universities are internationally recognized and accredited, ensuring that students receive a quality education that is recognized worldwide.

    2.2 Diverse Study Programs

    Turkey offers a diverse range of study programs in various fields, including engineering, medicine, business, humanities, and more.

    Students can choose from a wide range of options based on their interests and career goals.

    2.3 English-Taught Programs

    Many universities in Turkey offer programs taught in English, making it easier for international students to pursue their studies without language barriers.

    2.4 Research Opportunities

    Turkey has a strong focus on research and innovation, providing students with ample opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research projects and collaborate with renowned academics.

    2.5 Global Recognition

    A degree from a Turkish university is highly regarded and recognized globally.

    Graduates from Turkish institutions have gone on to excel in their careers and make significant contributions in various fields.


        • Accredited Universities

        • Diverse Study Programs

        • English-Taught Programs

        • Research Opportunities

      • Global Recognition

      top 10 reasons to study in turkey

      3. Cultural Diversity

      Turkey is a country rich in history and culture, offering a unique experience for international students.

      3.1 Crossroads of Cultures

      Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey has been influenced by various civilizations throughout history.

      This cultural diversity provides a vibrant and enriching environment for students.

      3.2 Historical Sites

      Turkey is home to numerous historical sites, including ancient ruins, palaces, and mosques.

      Students have the opportunity to explore these landmarks and learn about the rich history of the country.

      3.3 Culinary Delights

      Turkish cuisine is renowned for its delicious flavours and unique dishes.

      Students can indulge in a wide variety of culinary delights, from kebabs and baklava to Turkish tea and coffee.

      3.4 Festivals and Events

      Turkey hosts a range of festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating its cultural heritage.

      Students can participate in these festivities and experience the vibrant traditions of the country.

      3.5 Warm Hospitality

      Turkish people are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature.

      International students will feel welcomed and supported during their stay in Turkey.


          • Crossroads of Cultures

          • Historical Sites

          • Culinary Delights

          • Festivals and Events

        • Warm Hospitality

        top 10 reasons to study in turkey

        4. Strategic Location

        Turkey’s strategic location offers numerous advantages for international students.

        4.1 Gateway to Europe and Asia

        As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey provides easy access to both continents.

        Students can explore neighbouring countries and experience different cultures during their time in Turkey.

        4.2 Travel Opportunities

        With its well-connected transportation network, students can easily travel within Turkey and visit popular tourist destinations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, and the Mediterranean coast.

        4.3 Business and Trade Hub

        Turkey is a major player in the global economy, serving as a hub for business and trade.

        Studying in Turkey can provide valuable insights into international business practices and opportunities for networking.

        4.4 Cultural Exchange

        Turkey’s strategic location attracts students from all over the world, creating a diverse and multicultural environment.

        Students have the opportunity to interact with peers from different backgrounds and broaden their horizons.

        4.5 Language Advantage

        Turkish is spoken by millions of people worldwide, making it a valuable language to learn.

        Studying in Turkey provides an immersive environment to practice and improve language skills.


            • Gateway to Europe and Asia

            • Travel Opportunities

            • Business and Trade Hub

            • Cultural Exchange

          • Language Advantage

          top 10 reasons to study in turkey

          5. Vibrant Student Life

          Studying in Turkey offers a vibrant and dynamic student life, with numerous activities and opportunities for personal growth.

          5.1 Student Organizations

          Turkish universities have a wide range of student organizations and clubs that cater to various interests.

          Students can join these groups to pursue their hobbies, develop leadership skills, and make lifelong friendships.

          5.2 Sports and Recreation

          Turkey offers a variety of sports facilities and recreational activities for students.

          From football and basketball to hiking and water sports, there are plenty of options to stay active and have fun.

          5.3 Cultural and Artistic Events

          Universities in Turkey organize cultural and artistic events throughout the year, including music concerts, theatre performances, and art exhibitions.

          Students can immerse themselves in the vibrant arts scene and showcase their talents.

          5.4 Volunteer Opportunities

          Many universities in Turkey encourage students to engage in community service and volunteer work.

          This provides an opportunity to give back to society and make a positive impact on the local community.

          5.5 Networking and Career Development

          Turkey’s dynamic business environment offers numerous networking opportunities for students.

          They can attend career fairs, workshops, and seminars to connect with industry professionals and enhance their career prospects.


              • Student Organizations

              • Sports and Recreation

              • Cultural and Artistic Events

              • Volunteer Opportunities

            • Networking and Career Development

            top 10 reasons to study in turkey

            6. Safety and Security

            Turkey is a safe and secure country for international students, providing a peaceful environment for learning and personal growth.

            6.1 Low Crime Rate

            Turkey has a relatively low crime rate compared to many other countries.

            Students can feel safe and secure while studying and living in Turkey.

            6.2 Welcoming Environment

            Turkish people are known for their hospitality and friendliness towards foreigners.

            International students will feel welcomed and supported during their time in Turkey.

            6.3 Campus Security

            Universities in Turkey prioritize the safety and security of their students.

            They have dedicated campus security teams and measures in place to ensure a safe learning environment.

            6.4 Health Services

            Turkey has a well-developed healthcare system, providing access to quality medical services for students.

            International students are also required to have health insurance coverage during their stay in Turkey.

            6.5 Political Stability

            Turkey is a politically stable country, ensuring a peaceful and secure environment for international students.

            The government is committed to maintaining law and order, and creating a conducive atmosphere for learning.


                • Low Crime Rate

                • Welcoming Environment

                • Campus Security

                • Health Services

              • Political Stability

              top 10 reasons to study in turkey

              7. Rich Natural Beauty

              Turkey is blessed with stunning natural landscapes, offering students the opportunity to explore and appreciate the country’s diverse beauty.

              7.1 Breathtaking Landscapes

              From the pristine beaches of the Mediterranean coast to the surreal rock formations of Cappadocia, Turkey boasts a wide range of breathtaking landscapes that will leave students in awe.

              7.2 Outdoor Activities

              Students can engage in various outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and water sports.

              Turkey’s diverse geography provides ample opportunities for adventure and exploration.

              7.3 National Parks

              Turkey is home to numerous national parks, preserving its natural heritage.

              Students can visit these parks to witness the country’s rich biodiversity and enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

              7.4 Ecotourism Opportunities

              Turkey promotes sustainable tourism and ecotourism initiatives.

              Students can participate in eco-friendly activities and contribute to the conservation of the country’s natural resources.

              7.5 Environmental Awareness

              Turkey places a strong emphasis on environmental awareness and conservation.

              Students can learn about sustainable practices and contribute to initiatives that promote a greener future.


                  • Breathtaking Landscapes

                  • Outdoor Activities

                  • National Parks

                  • Ecotourism Opportunities

                • Environmental Awareness

                top 10 reasons to study in turkey

                8. Modern Infrastructure

                Turkey boasts modern infrastructure and facilities, providing students with a comfortable and convenient living environment.

                8.1 State-of-the-Art Campuses

                Turkish universities have modern campuses equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including libraries, laboratories, sports complexes, and student accommodation.

                8.2 Advanced Technology

                Turkey is at the forefront of technological advancements, offering students access to cutting-edge research facilities and resources.

                8.3 Transportation Network

                Turkey has a well-developed transportation network, making it easy for students to travel within the country and explore different regions.

                8.4 Internet Connectivity

                Turkey has a reliable and fast internet connection, ensuring that students can stay connected with their studies and loved ones back home.

                8.5 Healthcare Facilities

                Turkey has a comprehensive healthcare system, with modern hospitals and medical facilities.

                Students can access quality healthcare services during their stay in Turkey.


                    • Advanced Technology

                    • Transportation Network

                    • Internet Connectivity

                  • Healthcare Facilities

                  top 10 reasons to study in turkey

                  9. Rich History and Heritage

                  Turkey’s rich history and cultural heritage provide a unique learning experience for international students.

                  9.1 Ancient Civilizations

                  Turkey is home to ancient civilizations such as the Hittites, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans.

                  Students can explore archaeological sites and learn about the fascinating history of these civilizations.

                  9.2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

                  Turkey has numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the historic areas of Istanbul, the rock sites of Cappadocia, and the ancient city of Ephesus.

                  Students can visit these sites and witness their historical significance.

                  9.3 Museums and Galleries

                  Turkey has a wealth of museums and galleries that showcase its rich cultural heritage.

                  Students can immerse themselves in art, history, and archaeology through these institutions.

                  9.4 Cultural Preservation

                  Turkey places great importance on preserving its cultural heritage.

                  Students can witness the efforts made to protect and promote traditional arts, crafts, and customs.

                  9.5 Historical Landmarks

                  From the iconic Hagia Sophia to the grand Topkapi Palace, Turkey is dotted with historical landmarks that reflect its rich history and architectural marvels.


                      • Ancient Civilizations

                      • UNESCO World Heritage Sites

                      • Museums and Galleries

                      • Cultural Preservation

                    • Historical Landmarks

                    top 10 reasons to study in turkey

                    10. Global Career Opportunities

                    Studying in Turkey opens up a world of global career opportunities for international students.

                    10.1 Growing Economy

                    Turkey has a rapidly growing economy, offering a range of job prospects for graduates.

                    The country’s strategic location and business-friendly environment attract multinational companies and investors.

                    10.2 Entrepreneurial Spirit

                    Turkey has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, with numerous startups and innovation centres.

                    Students can tap into this spirit and explore their business ventures.

                    10.3 Multicultural Workforce

                    Studying in Turkey exposes students to a multicultural environment, preparing them to work in diverse teams and adapt to different work cultures.

                    10.4 Language Skills

                    Learning Turkish during their studies gives students a competitive edge in the job market.

                    Proficiency in Turkish, along with their academic qualifications, opens up employment opportunities in Turkey and beyond.

                    10.5 Networking Opportunities

                    Studying in Turkey provides students with valuable networking opportunities.

                    They can connect with professionals, alumni, and industry leaders, expanding their professional network and enhancing their career prospects.


                        • Growing Economy

                        • Entrepreneurial Spirit

                        • Multicultural Workforce

                        • Language Skills

                        • Networking Opportunities

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