Istanbul Medipol University


Location: İstanbul, Turkey | Private University (Asian - European Sides)

About Istanbul Medipol University

Istanbul Medipol University is a private university that was founded in 2009 and well-known for its wide range of academic programs and international presence. Since its founding with its high-knowledge class of students, Istanbul Medipol University works to give young people new chances.

Istanbul Medipol University is notable for its international appeal in addition to its specialized facilities.With attractive price-to-quality ratio especially in the Medicine field, university boasts a diversified international faculty of skilled doctors and educators.

With 13 faculties and 71 undergraduate programs—24 of which are offered in English—it draws students from both Europe and the USA. Furthermore, the university’s state-of-the-art facilities, like the Dental Simulation Clinic, the Nutrition Preparation and Cooking Laboratories, and the Miscellaneous Laboratories at Kavacik Campus Research Park, add to its standing as a top provider of primary medicine-focused fields led by distinguished experts.

Istanbul Medipol University is the top medicine option for international students globally, with a student population of about 30,676 people, representing 63 different countries. Medipol University provides education at its two modern campuses in Istanbul, Kavacık and Halic, each with its own benefits.


Istanbul Medipol University is a shining example of contemporary learning and innovation, located at the meeting point of two continents – Asia and Europe. Famous for its innovative research and outstanding academic setting, it is one of the world’s newest and most prestigious universities. With 183 undergraduate and 94 graduate programs in a range of subjects, including engineering, medicine, and the arts and humanities, Istanbul Medipol University is home to around 20 research centers that conduct interdisciplinary studies including cancer research and the development of cutting-edge wireless technologies. 

Istanbul Medipol University boasts campuses that blend modern and historical design, as well as access to university hospitals for hands-on learning. Cultural events, sports facilities, and an interactive online learning environment all contribute to the university’s vibrant student life, which guarantees a comprehensive and engrossing educational experience right in the center of Istanbul.

5/5 Teaching Excellence: As a leader in academic achievements, Istanbul Medipol University is well-known for its dedication to creating a vibrant and stimulating learning environment. Istanbul Medipol University boasts a distinguished faculty made up of professionals from a variety of professions, and it offers an unmatched educational experience. Istanbul Medipol University has a roster of distinguished professionals in its programs, including physicians who are well-known for their ground-breaking research and creative approaches to healthcare. Furthermore, Istanbul Medipol University excels with its pool of economists and business experts who, with their knowledge and industry insights, are reshaping the face of global business tomorrow. By collecting a faculty that is both distinguished and diverse, university guarantees that its students will get an academically demanding and globally competitive education, preparing them to become future leaders in their professions.

5/5 Practical Learning: Istanbul Medipol University epitomizes a commitment to hands-on learning that transcends traditional classroom education. Through a dedicated focus on practical training, university provides unwavering support to students pursuing internships across a spectrum of pharmacy-related domains. This proactive approach not only equips students with essential skills but also cultivates their ability to effectively engage and collaborate with peers, patients, and stakeholders within the pharmaceutical landscape.

5/5 Student Support Services: Istanbul Medipol University’s student support services are carefully crafted to guarantee a smooth and rewarding experience for all students, especially those from abroad who are looking to start their academic career. In addition to offering guidance on academic programs, university serves as a guiding light, offering support in making both on- and off-campus housing arrangements. Istanbul Medipol University’s International Office offers priceless advice and tools to assist students in adjusting to Turkish culture, emphasizing the importance of comfort and belonging. This office acts as a consistent source of guidance and assistance for students during their time as students, providing a trustworthy information source to make sure that students,

5/5 Campus Diversity and Culture: The Istanbul Medipol University’s campuses are a melting pot of diverse viewpoints from around the world, embodying the university’s motto of rich cultural experiences and variety. Located at the meeting point of continents, the university’s multicultural student body brings a fusion of cultures together, creating a setting where distinct customs and worldviews coexist peacefully.

5/5 Faculties and Infrastructure: With a wide range of faculties and modern facilities spread over its North and South Campuses, Istanbul Medipol University has an extensive infrastructure. Administrative buildings, language schools, vocational training, and a variety of facilities such as cafeteria areas, sports centers, dorms, libraries, medical clinics, counseling services, and research institutions like REMER are all located on the North Campus. An abundance of academic departments, including those in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, business, engineering, law, education, communication, fine arts, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences, are housed on the South Campus. Additionally, conference rooms, cultural centers, libraries, dining areas, retail stores, and newly build research laboratories are all present. Furthermore, the university’s partnership with the vast Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex offers outstanding training opportunities for students in a range of medical specialties, highlighting its dedication to providing excellent education and opportunities.

The Halic Campus is in a prime location next to historical and cultural sites along the charming Halic, often known as the “Golden Horn.” Campus life is made lively by its dynamic facilities, active student life, and myriad student clubs. Furthermore, Istanbul Medipol University often organizes national and international gatherings, which promotes a vibrant academic community.

Kavacik Campus, which is located on the Asian side next to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, offers a broad environment and pleasant forest views. Known for its continuous environmental improvements, the Kavacik Campus has a calm atmosphere with basketball courts, green areas, spacious classrooms, hallways, and parking lots. In addition, the campus has well-equipped, modern dorms for both male and female students, with plans to expand its capacity in the future to accommodate expanding enrollment

Faculty of Business (English)

Faculty of Engineering (English)

Faculty of Social Sciences (English)

Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences (English)

Faculty of Law (Turkish)

Faculty of Architecture and Design (English or Turkish)

Faculty of Applied Sciences (English)

Faculty of Education (English)

Faculty of Communication (English)

Faculty of Dentistry (English)

Faculty of Pharmacy (English)

International School of Medicine (English)

The starting tuition fees at Istanbul Medipol University is 43.000$ for Medicine and 9.000$ for other departments per year. Scholarships are available for international students at Medipol University (up to 75%). To apply for these scholarships, please complete the application form provided below and get in touch with us!

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Osama Hindi, Palestine
School of Engineering / Biomedical Engineering

“I chose Medipol because it is the best university in my department. Its best opportunity for us that Medipol combines its health infrastructure with engineering education.”

Obieda Atrash, Palestine
School of Medicine

“Medipol has the best scientific infrastructure not only in Turkey but also in the world. It successfully maintains extensive collaborations with the universities around the world. It is a great research opportunity for me as a medical student.”

Yahya Hasan, Guinea
School of Communication / New Media

“I’ve always wanted to study New Media. I chose Turkey to study university. After I had researched other universities, I decided that it would be the right investment for my future to choose Medipol, where the academic staff and educational opportunities are way ahead of other universities.”

Orya Al Akkad, Syria
School of Health Sciences / Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

“Medipol University makes its international students feel like they are at home. The reason I chose Medipol is that its quality of education in the departments whose language of instruction is English. I will be one step ahead in my field internationally when I graduate. Also, we had the opportunity to do an internship, which is a great privilege for us, in the hospitals of Medipol.”

Alaa Al Hawamdeh, Syria
International School of Medicine

“Medipol is one of the best private universities. Its scientific opportunities are at a high level. We have great labs and campus. I feel very lucky to be a student at Medipol.”

Madalina Balan, Romania
School of Law

“I fell in love with Istanbul, its culture and history when I came here as a tourist. When I got the opportunity to be an exchange student at Medipol University I thought that it would be an adventure of a lifetime. I’ve been here for a short amount of time, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Medipol combines professionalism with flexibility, which I admire the most. I am thankful for the opportunities Medipol provides for us.”

Jumana Seyam, Palestine
School of Dentistry

“I chose Medipol University because I have always wanted to study in Istanbul. Since Medipol has the department I want to study, I didn’t look for another university. I knew that Medipol would be the right choice for me.”

Mona Habra
International School of Medicine

“Medipol attracted me as a medical student with all the opportunities it provides: whether you want to study abroad or in one of the well-known hospitals of Medipol. They also really take care of the student’s feedback and always willing for a better change. The mesmerizing campus/yurt made Medipol definitely one of my best choices.”

Abdul Rahman Akl
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

“I chose Istanbul Medipol University because although it was founded not too long ago, it resembles the best universities in the world in terms of the research laboratories and hands-on training that it makes accessible and available to its students. Also, when I researched the faculty members, I discovered that among them are professors of high-caliber, such as Dr. Huseyin Arslan, who worked on developing 5G Technology. So I definitely believe that Medipol was the best choice for me and I am looking forward to a great educational experience with unique opportunities.”

Wael Shamsi Basha
Biomedical Engineering

“Following my passion for applied sciences, I decided to study biomedical engineering at Istanbul Medipol University as it has a wide variety of developed technologies such as advanced laboratories and modern equipment that can help students prepare for their future careers. I chose biomedical engineering here at IMU because it helps to improve human health by applying the principles and methods of engineering to medical problems as it merges between biology and engineering. In addition, IMU focuses on applying the learnt subjects in real life situations.”

Tayseer Hussein, Jordan
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

“After graduating from high school, I wanted to study electric and electronic engineering. And my obvious choice was İstanbul Medipol University. Not only because of its high education teaching system, but also the ability to work at the forefront of practical technology, researching ways to improve our daily used gadgets and tools. İstanbul Medipol University has the best possible environment for an EE engineer to become a better engineer by providing us with all of the necessary machines and tools like oscilloscopes, voltmeters, signal generators, and more.”