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Location: İstanbul, Turkey | Private University (Asian Side)

About Isik University

Isik University is a private university which was founded in 1996 by one of the most prestigious Feyziye Schools Foundation, which has a long history of being a leader in Turkish education. Isik University, a well-known foundation university in Türkiye, providing outstanding quality of education in three faculties with 22 undergraduate programs, a vocational school with nine associate degree programs, and a graduate school with more than 45 programs. Isik University has around 8,000 students enrolled, while 1,000 of them are multinational students from 68 different countries.

Isik University is working with more than 100 partner universities globally as it quickly develops into a global hub, providing a wide range of study abroad options through initiatives like Erasmus+ Mobility. Isik University creates a vibrant learning atmosphere that develops students’ abilities in technology, science, leadership, and entrepreneurship. With a focus on international information exchange, it seeks to develop intellectually and socially responsible people in many different fields.

Isik University provides a comprehensive academic atmosphere, with campuses located in important areas of Istanbul. While Şile campus is situated on the Black Sea Coast, Maslak campus is located in the busy business zone. The institution promotes a worldwide network of education with more than 100 international collaborations and a wide range of exchange programs. Işık prioritizes research, leadership, and entrepreneurship in order to develop socially conscious people with solid academic backgrounds.

4/5 Teaching Excellence: Isik University maintains excellent teaching standards by using a distinguished faculty drawn from around the world’s academic communities. The knowledge of the faculty members enhances the learning environment in the classroom. Students at the institution will receive a up-to-date education thanks to the vast knowledge imparted by experts in several sectors.

4/5 Practical Learning: Theoretical understanding and practical application flow together at Isik University. University places a high value on practical experience through immersive learning opportunities and internships that expose students to real-world situations. Isik university prepares students for successful career routes by developing close relationships with businesses, giving them real-world experience outside of the classroom.

5/5 Student Support Services: Comprehensive student support which includes academic advising and counselling is a top priority at Isik University, guaranteeing that every student receives important help. The university is built on a strong sense of community, where students from many countries – including the US and Europe – actively assist one another in need. This welcoming setting fosters a caring environment that is enhanced by the university’s many student organizations and various student populations.

5/5 Campus Diversity and Culture: Isik University celebrates a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds and fosters an inclusive campus atmosphere by embracing diversity. The campus offers a range of recreational and athletic facilities in addition to necessary services to meet the varied demands of students. This multicultural environment promotes intercultural dialogue and dynamic, culturally rich campus life.

5/5 Faculties and Infrastructure: Students can enjoy a healthy and stimulating environment on the campus of Isik University, which is tucked away in a beautiful and tranquil setting close to the sea. The campus modern buildings, cutting-edge libraries, and innovative labs are the epitome of modernity. In addition, the university promotes sustainability by means of many eco-friendly endeavours, fostering an ecologically aware people. This perfect environment allows students to enjoy time spent in nature, which adds to a healthy and pleasurable educational experience.

Isik University’s campus outside of the city, on the Asian side of Istanbul coexisted peacefully with the natural world, is a dream for students looking for quiet, relaxed surroundings in which to focus on their academic success. Atmosphere at their campus promotes a sense of community and respect for the environment. Students have the chance to study and develop a close connection to the beauty of nature.

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (English)

Faculty of Arts, Design, and Architecture (English, Turkish)

Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences (English, Turkish)

Faculty of Foreign Languages (English, Turkish)

The starting tuition fees at Isik University is 9.600$ per year. Scholarships are available for international students at Isik University (up to 75%). To apply for these scholarships, please complete the application form provided below and get in touch with us!

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Rabia Kalmem, 2013 year graduate, Management programme

“Sunny days in Sile campus left unforgettable moments in my memory. I graduated from the Bachelor of Management program in 2013. The university became not only a place of study but also my second home. The diverse student body, strong friendships, and personal growth in the early years were invaluable. I am proud of my university’s accomplishments since I graduated, and I am confident that prospective students, especially those coming from abroad, will feel at home here. Good luck to all those applying to universities now, may you succeed in finding your second home, just as I did”.