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About Bahcesehir University

Bahcesehir University –  BAU, was established in 1998 by the prestigious Bahcesehir Ugur Educational Foundation, is one of Turkey’s top premier institutions. BAU, known for its academic brilliance and research commitment, provides a wide range of cutting-edge programs across various faculties and postgraduate areas. With around 20.500 students, Bahcesehir University is one of Turkey’s most popular universities.

Istanbul’s Bahcesehir University (BAU) offers students an experience that is unmatched due to its prime location in the city’s center. Students studying at BAU in the center of Istanbul immerse themselves in the vibrant energy, historical sites, varied social scene, and artistic venues of the city. The close proximity to diverse cultural destinations, museums, galleries, and entertainment hotspots renders it a compelling option for students seeking to immerse themselves in Istanbul’s vibrant lifestyle.

BAU – Bahcesehir University forms strategic alliances with major universities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia to expand opportunities for their students. Bahcesehir University students have exchange program opportunities in Europe, United States, Japan, South Korea, through Erasmus and other programs.

Bahcesehir University is committed to offering a world-class education, with nine faculties for undergraduate programs, four faculties for postgraduate studies, a professional education department, an English language school, and a center for further education. Bahcesehir University is recognised for prestigious faculties consisting of internationally acclaimed professors, valuable research, teaching programs that are supported by cutting-edge technology, and for constantly evolving and expanding their campuses.

What makes Bahcesehir University different from others is BAU Global Education Network. BAU Global Education Network is now educating students in Berlin, Toronto, Washington DC, Batumi, Cyprus, Hanoi, Kiev, Pueblo, and Brockwille. BAU Global is committed to developing global citizens that promote principles that benefit the entire planet. The institutions in this vast network not only meet the stringent standards set by accreditation organizations in their individual home countries, but they also rank highly in the fields they provide.

5/5 Teaching Excellence: Bahcesehir University makes great progress in upholding outstanding teaching standards, which are bolstered by a globally recognized faculty drawn from highly regarded universities across the globe. Professors that bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom are living examples of the university’s dedication to academic success.

5/5 Practical Learning: The university’s objective is perfectly aligned with the emphasis on practical learning. Bahcesehir University encourages students to participate in practical activities that connect academic knowledge with real-world concerns by fostering an awareness of both local and global issues. This method helps students apply what they’ve learned to real-world scenarios, which leads to a deeper comprehension of the relationship between education and society demands.

5/5 Student Support Services: Bahcesehir University (BAU) is home to approximately 6,800 international students, which is a testament to the university’s dedication to offering comprehensive student support services and meeting the varied needs of international students. The university’s strategic central position and international renown are the main reasons it attracts such a diverse student body. 

4/5 Campus Diversity and Culture: BAU Global Centers offer extensive support services to help students adjust to new learning environments. These services, which promote a welcoming and encouraging environment for international students, include academic counseling, support with cultural integration, administrative help, and access to necessary resources. Nevertheless, it’s important to say that BAU campuses do not have on-campus student dormitories. This may provide flexibility in terms of housing options, but it may also provide difficulties for individuals who prefer closed campus facilities that have all amenities conveniently located in one area. In spite of this, BAU is nevertheless dedicated to helping students locate acceptable housing choices with partnered dormitory providers around and providing continuous support for the duration of their academic career.

5/5 Faculties and Infrastructure: After starting with a lofty goal, Bahcesehir University is currently commemorating 23 years of outstanding academic achievement. Its state-of-the-art facilities and esteemed faculty draw aspirational students looking for a top-ranked, real-world education. The university’s partnerships with leading businesses in the field demonstrate its proactive approach to resolving issues in education. Providing a worldwide education, students easily get accepted into esteemed international universities. From committed administrative personnel to renowned professors, who have fostered a culture where ambitions are nurtured, this success is a team effort.

Most of Bahcesehir University’s campuses are strategically located in city centers, therefore it’s vital to note that the university does not have its own dormitories. With this arrangement, students can live in the center of the city in flats or by renting rooms in dorms that are partnered with Bahcesehir University.

Bahcesehir University’s excellent transportation services make it amazingly convenient to get to Bahcesehir University (BAU). Five centrally positioned campuses, Beşiktaş North, Beşiktaş South, Göztepe, Galata, and Kemerburgaz, ensure seamless transit for Bahcesehir University researchers and students. Besides that, Bahcesehir University offers a variety of facilities designed to provide an environment where students may focus on their studies, play sports, and follow their interests. These consist of designated hobby rooms, free internet access, parking lots, 24/7 security, a medical center, dry cleaning, and a swimming pool.

The 1400 square meter library of  Bahcesehir University holds more than 130,000 publications, including 61,723 print books and 50,000 electronic books in its collection. As a central point for academic advancement, the library represents the university’s dedication to offering inclusive and varied resources for intellectual growth, inspiring academics and students to explore a vast range of subjects while promoting lifelong learning.

Faculty of Business (English)

Faculty of Engineering (English)

Faculty of Social Sciences (English)

Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences (English)

Faculty of Law (Turkish)

Faculty of Architecture and Design (English or Turkish)

Faculty of Applied Sciences (English)

Faculty of Medicine (English)

Faculty of Pharmacy (English)

Faculty of Dental Medicine (English)

Faculty of Communication (English)

Faculty of Educational Sciences (English)

Conservatory (English)

The starting tuition fees at Bahcesehir University is 8.200$ per year. Scholarships are available for international students at Bahcesehir University (up to 25%). To apply for these scholarships, please complete the application form provided below and get in touch with us!

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Aleyna-Sofie Dülger – Business Administration, 2nd year student “If you are looking for an adventure abroad after school but don’t want to miss out on a quality university education, I definitely recommend choosing Bahçeşehir University. Since my arrival in Istanbul, I have discovered a plethora of learning opportunities as well as a multinational and diverse atmosphere that carries over to the university, bringing together students from all over the world.”

Amber Valerie Şeker – 4th year Psychology student “Coming from Connecticut, I was amazed by the diversity of Istanbul and Bahçeşehir University. Not only do I study here, but I have made friends from all over the world. It’s my best decision, and it’s not only because of my studies, but also because of the extensive student life that I enjoy so much.”

Baraa Abdulkarim – Political Science and International Relations, 4th year “Bahçeşehir University provides the best education in Turkey, located in the heart of Istanbul. The university offers students a unique experience of meeting two continents and a multicultural environment, creating a favorable atmosphere for career development.”

Homam Hawari – Sociology, 1st year “The international atmosphere of Bahçeşehir University is an ideal place for students from different cultures. Living in Istanbul gives the advantage of combining modern, western and eastern characteristics. I will always recommend students looking for a wonderful experience abroad to enroll at Bahçeşehir University.”

Rethabile Sehlabaka – Engineering, 1st year “Bahçeşehir University provides excellent education and social development. Here I have learned how to apply my knowledge in my daily life, made many new friends and feel that I am moving towards great achievements in my future career and social development.”

Salsebeel Abdulhady – Health (Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation), 5th year “Bahçeşehir University has given me the support and confidence to grow as a person and professional. Here I found not only education but also a real family including professors, colleagues and friends.”

Tashinga Mhonde – Energy Systems, 3rd year “BAU is a university of boundless opportunities where you become part of a multitude of universities under the BAU Global umbrella. The most multinational university in Turkey, where students of all nationalities are united under the BAU flag.”