Why Apply With StudyU?

We have been there

Our counsellors, who are all former students who have graduated from Turkish universities, have a thorough understanding of the application process and beyond. Their direct knowledge not only includes the complexities of our job but also a broad comprehension of a variety of subjects and issues. This breadth of knowledge enables them to provide unrivalled support, even in areas that do not immediately relate to our major services.

What distinguishes our StudyU consultants is their unwavering commitment to assisting. They go above and beyond their job descriptions to guarantee our clients receive the most thorough information and support available. Their dedication exemplifies our concept of going above and beyond for our pupils.

Networking power

We do not limit our relationships with students once the application period is done and the student successfully settled down at the university of choice. Instead, we create students’ communities where they actively communicate information about numerous events, such as conferences, volunteer opportunities, and summer schools. These discussions are crucial because some events may be difficult to locate on their own and it’s always important to have someone you know and can ask for help, or just have fun together.

Furthermore, students and our StudyU consultants exchange messages on program coordinators’ updates and settle any disagreements, ensuring that everyone is up to date on changes in application procedures in different universities. Furthermore, our tight contacts with universities allow us to properly cater to students’ needs and acquire the maximum scholarships possible with the help of properly written motivation letters and properly prepared documents.

Our expertise

Individuals in our groups openly discuss their varying experiences with various tests from various countries that are sometimes needed by Turkish universities. While finding someone on the street who has taken the TOEFL or SAT is unusual, our platform facilitates such encounters by providing essential insights and firsthand suggestions.

Similarly, our dedication goes beyond application support. We help our students navigate any challenges they may have with academics during their first year of university while applying with StudyU. We have links with professionals from numerous industries thanks to our extensive network. This network enables us to provide assistance and mentorship to students, ensuring that they receive comprehensive support not just throughout the admission process, but also throughout their academic path.

Tackling bureaucratic issues easily

We’ve mastered the art of accelerating processes in the most efficient way possible thanks to our considerable expertise working alongside various students in the past. While some procedures, such as obtaining a residence permit (Ikamet izni) or obtaining an equivalence certificate (also called Denklik), can be completed individually, many people prefer to use our StudyU services. Why? Because we provide more than just a service; we also provide thorough assurances and unwavering support throughout the entire journey.
Our track record demonstrates our ability to negotiate bureaucratic procedures quickly and effectively, giving our students confidence that their goals will be accomplished with success. While these chores may appear to be achievable on their own, our full guarantees and continuous assistance reassure individuals that their applications will be processed smoothly and professionally.

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