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Sabanci University

Turkey, Istanbul | Private University (Asian side)

About Sabanci University

Sabancı University is a leading higher education institution offering a diverse range of programs in engineering, arts, social sciences, and management. Its history dates back to 1994 when it was founded by the prominent Sabancı Group with the primary mission of “creating and growing together.” In 2024, Sabancı University comprises a student community of over 4,000, with a student-to-faculty ratio of just 17:1. Located a short distance from the hustle and bustle of central Istanbul, the university offers a green campus covering an area of over 1 million square meters in the Tuzla district. The campus accommodates nearly 3,000 individuals with over 70% of total students who are guaranteed on-campus housing. Within the Sabancı University campus, there exists a self-contained city with a post office, sports center, and even an amphitheater.

The educational system at Sabancı University differs from other Turkish universities – students can choose their major in the second year of studying. Prior to that, they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the study of non-degree related subjects and later make an informed career choice. Teaching is conducted solely in English. Additionally, Sabancı University has over 200 partner universities, including some of the world’s top universities such as MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge, where Sabanci University’s students can pursue graduate programs.

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Sabancı University is distinguished for its cutting-edge research combined with real world impact. Emphasizing interdisciplinary approach and collaboration, the university provides a research environment that encourages innovation and academic excellence. Entrepreneurship is another university’s distinguishing feature, with students actively supported by the university in their projects and startups. The partnership with the Innovation Center for Composite Technologies and the presence of the SUNUM Nano and Biotechnology Research Center serves as an example for this.

Additionally, all teaching at Sabancı University is conducted entirely in English, further enhancing the international appeal and accessibility of the programs. This emphasis on English-language instruction enables students to engage in global perspectives and opportunities, preparing them for success in today’s interconnected world.

Sabancı University has earned significant recognition in the global higher education landscape. In the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) rankings for 2024, Sabancı University secured a position in the 351-400 range. Additionally, Sabancı University has demonstrated its excellence in youthfulness, ranking 89th in the Young University Rankings of 2023.

The university excels in Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, and other fields according to the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings. In the QS World University Rankings for 2024, Sabancı University secured a position of 526 globally.

Sabancı University boasts a green campus located just 40 kilometers away from the heart of Istanbul, near Sabiha Gökçen Airport. This location offers students a unique opportunity to enjoy the serene campus atmosphere while having easy access to the bustling life of the metropolis.

Students can socialize with friends in a street full of cafes, restaurants, and other establishments. The school has a 24/7 video system and private security guards to protect students. Sabancı University also offers a variety of organizations that cater to a broad spectrum of interests, from mechanical engineering to psychology, horseback riding, and much more, to enhance the quality of student life. With amenities including an indoor pool, a basketball court, and opportunities to play tennis, karate, volleyball, and other activities, sports play a big part in campus life.

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (English)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (English)

Sabanci Business School (English)

The tuition fee at Sabancı University is $24,500. Scholarships are available for international students at Sabancı University, covering up to 75% of the tuition costs. To apply for these scholarships, please complete the application form provided below and get in touch with us!

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Lulwa Al Jamal – Industrial Engineering (Bachelor)

Studying at Sabanci University has been one of the greatest experiences for me so far. My favorite thing about Sabanci is the diversity. I can say that I had the chance to meet people from all over the world! This really helped me expand my knowledge about different cultures and see the world from a new and different perspective. Living on campus was definitely a plus as it made us all feel like a big family. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and ready to help at any time. Another thing I love about Sabanci is the variety of extracurricular activities and different university clubs that it offers. Joining different clubs helps me always feel connected and expand my social circle. One thing that makes Sabanci standout is the academic system it follows. Here at Sabanci University everyone takes the same courses during freshman year which help us attain knowledge about different subjects that are not part of our major. I would definitely recommend Sabanci university for not only does it have a highly ranked educational system, but also enriches its students with different social skills that help form our identity.

Anjali Prasad – Management (Bachelor)

The reason I chose Sabanci was because of its well known reputation of being one of the best business schools in Turkey. Sabanci is a very diverse and open minded school with a whole range of career options to choose from. Sabanci gives you the opportunity to change your major if you feel like the major you have chosen is not fit for you, and I think that flexibility has allowed many students in Sabanci University to study and work in the field that suits them the most and are doing something they love. The people in Sabanci university are extremely helpful and friendly, creating a communal atmosphere. Moreover the courses that are offered in Sabanci have a large variation so you get the opportunity to learn subjects that are beyond your major as well.