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Istanbul, Turkey | Private University (European and Asian Sides)

Okan University at a glance

Okan University, founded in 1999, ranks among the youngest and the most dynamic private universities of Turkey. More than 25,000 students from 86 countries study across its 10 faculties, 2 vocational schools, a graduate school, and a conservatory. It has 4 campuses across Istanbul: while Tuzla campus offers students a peaceful and quiet experience, the other three campuses provide easy access to the vibrant attractions of Istanbul. For students of Medicine, Dentistry or Health Sciences, Okan University boasts its own Istanbul Okan University Training and Research hospital, 2 Dentistry Faculty Hospitals, and numerous laboratories. The university’s hospital, covering 50.000 m2, features 250 beds capacity, and includes a fully equipped intensive care unit. In the practical training of medical students, they benefit from access to advanced technology to begin clinical clerkship work and internship in Istanbul Okan University Training and Research hospital. As research yields new insights into better study environments and learning, Okan University has established 21 application and research centers, including the EU Research and Application Center and the Center for Social Entrepreneurship (OSGM). What sets Okan University apart is its strong ties to the business community and a focus on entrepreneurial thinking, collaborating with over 2500 firms. The emphasis on entrepreneurship is coupled with academic collaboration agreements with more than 200 universities from 25 different countries.

Okan University’s entrepreneurial initiatives are integral to university life, equipping students to meet global business demands. From their freshman year, students engage in the Business Life Program, which offers professional development courses, workshops, and practical experience. The Workplace Supported Education (CO-OP) program also provides students with an understanding of business culture and direct integration into the business world. The Okan Entrepreneurship Center allows students to apply and develop new ideas effectively, helping them acquire essential skills and experience for their future career.

Okan University aims to develop individuals who think analytically, possess problem-solving skills, and are proficient in multiple foreign languages. The Translation Studies program at Istanbul Okan University is unique in Turkey, offering training for translators and interpreters in English-Turkish, Arabic-Turkish, Russian-Turkish, and Chinese-Turkish language pairs, with German as a second foreign language option. For Chinese language instruction, the Confucius Institute was established under the partnership with the Beijing Language and Culture University. Additionally, the university takes pride in its pilot program, after which, students have the opportunity to work in the leading aviation companies of the world.

In 2023, Okan University entered the THE (Times Higher Education) rankings due to its successful social, economic, and environmental practices. Additionally, the university ranks among the top 50 entrepreneurial and innovative universities in Turkey according to TUBITAK.

Okan University’s main undergraduate campus, Tuzla Campus, is located on the Asian side of Istanbul near Sabiha Gokcen International Airport and  the F1 Race Track. Known for its safety, the campus boasts modern buildings, residence halls, a student center with cafeterias, shops, a cinema, sauna, and extensive sports facilities, including a semi-Olympic pool and fitness center. The university provides housing for 1500 students in five well-equipped residence halls with options for single, double, or four-person rooms, study halls, TV rooms, and cleaning services. Shuttle buses and public transport offer easy access to downtown areas like Kadikoy and Taksim. Additional campuses in Mecidiyekoy, Kadikoy, Beyoglu, and Bahcesehir offer graduate and some undergraduate programs and are also connected with excellent transport links.

Social and cultural activities are integral to education at Okan University, with numerous seminars and conferences featuring distinguished scholars. Students are encouraged to participate in over 50 student clubs, such as Dance Club, Photography Club, Aikido Club, Motor Sports Club, Rugby Club, and Social Responsibility Club. For example, the Tourism Student Club organizes regular trips to historical sites and tourist regions. Additionally, the Okan Spring Festival has become a popular event, attracting not only Okan students but also students from other universities.

Faculty of Medicine (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Dentistry (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Law (Turkish)

Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Engineering (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Education (Turkish)

Faculty of Health Sciences (Turkish)

Faculty of Applied Sciences (English and Turkish)

The tuition fee at Okan University starts at $3825. To apply for exclusive scholarships, please complete the application form provided below and get in touch with us!

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Adia Iskakova – Internal Medicine (bachelor)

“As a freshman at Okan University, my experience so far has been incredibly enriching. I love the wide array of organizations and activities provided has enabled me to better prepare for a future career in medicine, particularly due to the abundance of 3D technologies and practical learning opportunities available, such as the medicine rooms. I’m eager to try simulation training with three-dimensional organ models, interactive patient simulators, and laparoscopic training boxes, which are available at Okan University.”