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Nisantasi University

Turkey, Istanbul | Private University (European side)

About Nisantasi University

Nisantasi University is a private university located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Although it emerged only in 2009 it was named one of the fastest-growing young universities. With 5 faculties, 5 vocational schools, and 1 conservatory, the university offers innovative and transformative undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields from engineering to medicine. At present, Nisantasi University has more than 30, 000 students and 1250 members of academic staff. The international diploma granted by Nisantasi University is recognized throughout the world and allows graduates to continue their education abroad. Nisantasi University adopts the educational approach known as Edu 5.0, which emphasizes project-based learning, critical thinking, and creativity. Its main objective is to integrate project-based education models with the technology equipping students with skills to thrive in a digitalized world. The 106 000 m2 NeoTech campus is located in the business and commercial center Maslak. The first technological campus in Turkey provides access to all the essential resources for both studying and living.

At Nisantasi University, students have the opportunity to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies both in English and Turkish. Additionally, the departments with Turkish as the medium of instruction also incorporate English language lessons. This measure is primarily aimed at enhancing international competitiveness for those who wish to study in Turkish. Nisantasi University constantly promotes cultural diversity with one out of ten students being international and develops intercultural exchange programs cooperating with nearly 100 partner universities.

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The university is not only good at providing formal education but also offers practical training opportunities. With a total of 136 labs and 15 stimulation centers, Nisantasi University allows students to carry out research and drive innovation. As highlighted on the official website: ”İstanbul Nişantaşı University is one of the largest research centers in Turkey with 124 application laboratories. These have been furnished with the latest technology in simulation centers to provide students with the experience they may need in their career.” For those interested in exploring the campus firsthand, a virtual tour can be found on the university’s website, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the university’s facilities.

In order to prepare students for the evolving needs of the job market, the university provides various opportunities such as interview simulations, CV preparation, career days, and other support systems. The Career Center and Alumni Office assist undergraduate and graduate students in navigating their future careers and professional lives. For instance, medical students engage in practical training at public hospitals during their sixth year of studies, under the supervision of experienced lecturers and experts. Another example of career development on campus is NishNova Innovation Center. This center supports entrepreneurial ventures and coordinates state-supported projects, aiming to foster project activities within the university. Each year, numerous entrepreneurial ideas receive support and are connected with potential investors through NishNova.

Istanbul Nisantasi University is a highly-ranked institution, recognized for its academic excellence. According to the Times Higher Education (THE) rankings, the university takes part in Impact Ranking among the top 800 universities in the world. It is at the 1st rank among the foundation universities in the category of the Accessible and Clean Energy and at the 3rd rank in the category of High Quality Education in Turkey.


The campus of Nisantasi University isn’t just about academics and research; it also fosters an active social and physical lifestyle. With over 92 active student clubs, students with similar interests gather together to participate in a diverse range of activities. These clubs span various categories including academic, artistic, cultural, and scientific pursuits, providing students with opportunities for personal growth, social interaction, and engagement outside the classroom. Additionally, Nisantasi University is committed to creating an active physical environment with 20 sport teams presented.

Nisantasi University does not offer its own dormitories; however, it has established partnerships with private dormitories located nearby. While the university does not directly guarantee housing, these dormitories are renowned for their convenient proximity to transportation hubs such as metro buses, facilitating easy access to the university. These accommodations boast a comprehensive array of amenities, including libraries, gyms, cafeterias, and various other facilities, ensuring students have everything they need for a comfortable living experience.

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Art and Design (English and Turkish)

Faculty Of Economics, Administrative And Social Sciences (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Dentistry (Turkish)

Faculty of Medicine (Turkish)

The tuition fee at Nisantasi University starts at $2,950. To apply for exclusive scholarships, please complete the application form provided below and get in touch with us!


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Alii Halilov – Aviation Management (Bachelor)

”Studying abroad has always been my dream, and Nisantasi University made it possible for me. With affordable tuition fees and many opportunities both on campus and in the city, my experience here has been truly enriching. The university’s convenient location allowed me to easily explore the historical and cultural sites nearby. Moreover, I appreciate the excellent facilities provided for students, including cafeterias, study rooms, libraries, and laboratories. Nisantasi University truly fosters a conducive environment for learning and growth, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.”