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Kadir Has University at a glance

Kadir Has University (KHAS) is a private non-profit institution in Istanbul. For more than 27 years now, Kadir Has university has been one of the leading scientific universities in Turkey. Home to over 5000 students, including 400+ international students from around 50+ countries worldwide, KHAS offers 5 faculties with numerous programs in different areas. All education at Kadir Has University is embedded in a vision based on a project based learning through projects developed with the leading business partners in the industry. The KHAS Education Model combines a foundational first-semester core program focused on universal values and creative thinking with a project-based curriculum from the second semester, developed in collaboration with industry leaders, and includes mentorship from both academic and sectoral experts. The project-based model substitutes traditional exams with hands-on projects, ultimately leading to better retention of knowledge and the opportunity to gain practical experience. Due to this approach, Kadir Has University has developed partnerships with 87 industrial leaders worldwide. It also has 122 Erasmus+ student exchange agreements in over 20 European countries and partnerships with 34 universities from 17 countries worldwide. Through the European Internship Consortium, students can participate in internships in Europe with grants. The 4+1 program offers graduates special discounts and merit scholarships for graduate degree applications at prestigious universities, including the University of Glasgow, Queen Mary University of London, University of Nottingham, and University of Liverpool.

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Kadir Has University recognizes innovation as a critical component to boost the regional and national economy and fuel changes in the world. Kadir Has University Silivri Technopark was established in 2023 on a 100-decare beachside area, with a motto ”Sustainable Innovation Ecosystem.” It focuses on developing advanced technology products, creating innovative companies with the expertise of academics and students, and supporting women entrepreneurs. KHAS Technopark prioritizes project applications in areas such as, Agriculture and Green Transformation, Disaster Management, Energy, Robotics, Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Health, Advanced Materials, and Finance. Alongside high-tech innovation, Kadir Has University aims to foster creativity and develop artistic skills. Creative majors, like theater, benefit from the Creative Industries Platform (CIP), which supports innovative and creative ideas from all students, regardless of their department or semester. With its experienced and dynamic staff, CIP helps students develop creative projects, offering mentorship, resources, and equipment. CIP collaborates closely with students to create tailored roadmaps and supports them through every stage of their projects.


Kadir Has University has climbed to #551-600 in QS 2024 European University Rankings and 45th in Western Asia Rankings. The strong performance in the area of sustainability led to achieving top positions in the areas of “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” and “Gender Equality” in the THE (Times Higher Education) Impact Rankings 2023 among Turkish foundation universities.

Kadir Has University, located in Istanbul’s Fatih district on the shore of the Golden Horn in the Cibali neighborhood, is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. The campus, housed in the restored tobacco warehouse and cigarette factory building, spans 50,000 square meters and includes classrooms, laboratories, library, theater, restaurants, cafeterias, and a dance studio. The university places a strong emphasis on personal development and embraces a modern educational approach. It supports a diverse range of social, cultural, sports, and artistic events, including science, art, and sports clubs such as the Genetics and Science Club or the Human Rights and Philosophy Club. The campus features a fitness salon, indoor gym, and climbing wall, aiming to enhance students’ physical abilities and health. For those interested in learning more about the campus, a virtual tour is available. The HAS Buddy Program, organized by the Directorate of Corporate Communications and the Directorate of Core Program, helps new preparatory and first-year students acclimate to university life, familiarizing them with the education system and student clubs.

Kadir Has University provides students with affordable dormitories which are located in walking distance from Kadir Has Campus. Student dormitories feature private or semi-private bathrooms, laundry rooms, cable TV, 24 hour internet access, mini kitchens equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and kettles. The costs vary between $3150 and $5000.

Faculty of Law (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences (English)

Faculty of Communication (English)

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (English)

Faculty of Art and Design (English)

The tuition fee at Altinbas University is $15000. To apply for exclusive scholarships, please complete the application form provided below and get in touch with us!

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Amani Khalidi – Advertising (bachelor)

”I am very fond of the convenient location of Kadir Has University, as it offers everything within easy reach. I consider myself fortunate to reside on campus in the bustling center of Istanbul. The university has provided me with invaluable guidance on various research internships and job prospects. Being surrounded by individuals from diverse backgrounds has helped me feel completely immersed and engaged, ensuring there is always an abundance of activities to participate in.”

Amina Hamitova – Industrial Design (bachelor)

”I had several reasons for selecting Kadir Has University. Initially, my deep interest in Ottoman history made studying in the heart of former Constantinople feel like a dream come true. Secondly, I sought a university that offered a diverse array of international opportunities. Lastly, I was searching for an environment where I could cultivate my thirst for knowledge, and our extensive library exemplifies the conducive atmosphere for academic growth.”