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Biruni University at a glance

Biruni University, named after the renowned Turkish scientist, was founded in 2014 in Topkapi, Istanbul. It aims to contribute to academia and national life through both theoretical and applied scientific studies. Biruni University, established a millennium after Biruni’s time, is now Turkey’s most comprehensive medical university. The university comprises six faculties, three graduate schools, and a vocational school of health, all offering health-related programs. Internships and practical experience are integral parts of education at Biruni University. These experiences are conducted at the university’s two hospitals, which are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technologies, allowing students to gain valuable hands-on experience. Biruni University’s hospitals are among the largest in Turkey and are renowned for their focus on science, technology, and education. At Biruni University, the motto is “The Future of Science,” exemplified by its well-equipped laboratories that foster thriving research. For instance, pharmacy students can engage in the development of drugs used in space. Overall, the university boasts five research centers and specialized laboratories, including the Food and Chemistry Laboratory, Nutrition and Principles Practice Laboratory, and the Biruni University Language and Speech Therapy Clinics. In an increasingly interconnected world, Biruni University has established partnerships with over 200 institutions in 40 countries, including programs like Erasmus+.

On the technological front, Biruni University has established Teknopark to make a significant impact on international technology and innovation. Biruni Teknopark offers facilities that students can use, and provides support for entrepreneurs from academic experts and mentors. This support helps students realize their technological and innovative business ideas. Teknopark also accelerates the process of securing financial support by connecting entrepreneurs with investors.

Additionally, the Biruni University Continuing Education Center aims to develop professional knowledge and skills through various programs. These include personal development, language education, culture and art, sports training, exam preparation, and obtaining necessary expertise, certificates, and participation documents.

Due to its strong commitment to scientific advancement and research, Biruni University has secured the top spot in Turkey with 54 approved projects under the prestigious TUBITAK ranking. Furthermore, Biruni University’s dedication to fostering innovation has also propelled it into the ranks of the Top 5 Foundation Universities with the highest publication rate, solidifying its reputation as a leading institution in promoting academic excellence and research.

Biruni University educates its students in the heart of Istanbul, where history and modernity intersect. The university is located in Topkapi, while the dormitories are situated nearby. Through partnerships with these dormitories, the university offers a variety of student housing options, including male-only and female-only dormitories, as well as individual and shared rooms accommodating one, three, or four people.

The student housing at Biruni University includes a range of amenities to support students’ needs and well-being. These residences feature dining rooms, weekly cleaning services, and laundry facilities. Additionally, they provide repair and maintenance services, common work areas, an infirmary, and shuttle services. Students also have access to storage areas, a fitness center, indoor sports halls, and a library, ensuring a comfortable and convenient living environment.

Faculty of Medicine (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Dentistry (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Pharmacy (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Health Sciences (English and Turkish)

Faculty of Education (Turkish)

The tuition fee at Biruni University starts at $4000. To apply for exclusive scholarships, please complete the application form provided below and get in touch with us!

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Seda Bektaş – Nursing (bachelor)

“Being a nurse was my childhood dream. I realized my childhood dream at Biruni University. The opportunities provided by Biruni University and the training provided by its strong academic staff have taught me to be able to look at the profession from many different perspectives and to approach humanist in the nursing profession. Our teachers, who are like friends with us,have always raised us with the philosophy of “Nursing is the smile you leave on your patient’s face.” That’s why always try to smile on your patients’ faces.”

Ali Ayad – Molecular Biology and Genetics (bachelor)

”When I have some spare time I don’t need to rely on taking the subway or bus to go anywhere because the campus is situated in the heart of Istanbul, allowing me to enjoy all the fun that the city has to offer. At Biruni University, I’ve come to realize that college is more than just a four-year experience; it’s about the connections you make with people and the high-quality knowledge you acquire. I always find it thrilling to delve into the scientific research fields within our laboratories – it’s truly an extraodionary experience!”